Photo essay: A day in the life…

Image 1
Everyday starts the same for Lisa Stancu: a walk around Flinders Street platform 6 and 7 to check for major dirt.  “It has been almost 12 years: same job, same platform, same everything. But I love it.”

Image 2
The magic keychain unlocks cabinets with cleaning supplies all around the station. “Security,” the 48 years old jokes. “For the monkeys.”


Image 3
Lisa’s golden smile brightens up the platforms, joking around with colleagues and train drivers, knowing every single one by name. When talking about her son, you can see a proud twinkle in her eyes.


Image 4
“Sometimes people ask me: “Lisa why don’t you have a man?”. But I’m too busy. I work and I come home and I cook. I don’t have time for a man and I don’t need one.”


Image 5
Cleaning the platforms is not just picking up the trash. Every small corner is carefully inspected and even though it’s hardly in use anymore, also the phone booth gets a daily cleanup.


Image 6 To the question if she doesn’t consider it frustrating that people keep leaving their junk, she reacts soberly: “Well if they wouldn’t do it, I wouldn’t have a job.”  


Image 7 “I have the same watch as the train drivers, but sometimes they leave early and we get stuck. Free ride to Richmond!”  


Image 8
Being Catholic, Lisa goes to pray at St. Paul’s cathedral during lunch break. “I don’t think people get lucky. In the end, all is from God. Happiness, health and love. And if you have it, you should cherish it.”


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